Many of you may already know Anita, our Customer Service Manager. On June 1, 2015, she has been working for Scanflavour for 10 years! But who is the person behind the name…

Anita is born and raised on the fringe of Møldrup. After finishing high school she got an education as bilingual secretary in English and French. This raised an interest in foreign cultures and the internationalization so she travelled to France to work for a longer period. Here she met the love of her life in the guise of a French gentleman. Since 1996 they have been living in Denmark, are now married and have 3 wonderful kids together. In her spare time she enjoys carrying out voluntary work for the local school and sports club.

 Anita Dalsgaard

As Customer Service Manager her main job areas are order handling, logistics and customer service functions. Scanflavour’s extensive development throughout the 10 years she has been working here has had a positive impact on her job. The job itself has remained the same, but the way of executing the job has been improved significantly e.g. through better IT tools and smoother workflows. She is being motivated by her colleagues and the very good interaction with the customers. A motivation she gives back to her colleagues with her always positive attitude, active listening and doing her utmost to implement good suggestions – both internally in the company but also in the work directly with the customers.

When asked what she enjoys the most about her job she instantly replies: “The people! Everybody got an enthusiastic approach to their job and the fact that Scanflavour is in a constant development is always captivating. I couldn’t ask for a better job!”