Scanflavour’s new recipe for restructured bacon is easy to make, heat stabile and cost effective. Texture, taste and appearance is simply outstanding as well.

Restructured bacon is not a new application. However, Scanflavour’s new recipe is still an innovative recipe. We have solutions from 40 – 80% extension, all with “belly bacon” appearance and texture. ScanGel A or ScanGel C line products is recommended to use, depending on whether cold-setting properties is needed or not.

Grinder, tumbler, molds and cooking chamber is all the equipment needed to produce Restructured bacon. Furthermore, our new recipe is designed to be easy and not a complicated application to produce. Scanflavour’s new recipe can be dried and smoked after cooking, which gives a harder surface and more natural color. Alternatively adding a smoke flavour is also an option.

There are several options regarding which type of meat to use for Restructured Bacon. Pork belly, shoulder or trimmings are all an excellent choice, pork leg and partial usage of chicken and turkey meat is possible. This enables meat factories to optimize usages of their overall available meat materials.

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