Jørgen Halskov has been a treasured part of the staff at Scanflavour for the past 10 years. Get a glimpse of the person behind the name.

Jørgen is born and raised in Løgstør in Jutland as the second child of 4 siblings. He has always been very eager in learning and thus he has taken several educations counting education e.g. as a butcher, informatics assistant and a bachelor in IT. Privately he has been married for 28 year with his loving wife Susanne. Together they have 3 children and even 2 grandchildren. In his spare time he is coaching a group of kids in the sport of Goju Ryu karate do. It gives him plenty of joy passing on some of his proficiency to the kids.

Jørgen Halskov

Back in 2005 he started working at Scanflavour as Production Director. This has over the years changed to Purchase & IT Director and since 2013 he has performed the job as Factory Director. The main job areas as Factory Director are changing constantly in pace with the development of Scanflavour. For the time being his most important tasks is seeing the big picture in connection with both the existing factory and the upcoming new facilities and still never forgetting to take time for each individual co-worker and colleague, when needed. Jørgen finds his motivation in leadership through others and gives this motivation back to his colleagues by being positive, proactive and never hesitating in leading the way.

What Jørgen enjoys the most about working at Scanflavour is that every day is stimulating - both as a human and professional.