Scanflavour is reaching for the sky with a new and impressively high smoke stack of 80 meters.

The construction of our new plant is almost finished and the work on the new administration building moves forward quickly.

Daily up to 25 men have been working on making the new plant ready to receive its first machine. Machines from all over the world will continue to arrive until spring demanding many internal as well as external craftsmen for the installation and mounting of the machinery.

Scanflavour has made its first investment in a full automatic robot capable of handling, stacking and wrapping empty clean boxes for the slaughterhouses. Indeed an important step for the development of the company. In addition, the new plant demands huge amounts of hot water why a new kettle house is under construction as well as an impressively high smoke stack of 80 meters has now gained its foundation at Scanflavour and is reaching for sky.

The environment must be preserved and the new plant will be lightened up by LED light in order to reduce our CO2 emission. In addition to this, the plant already creates a lot of waste heat and therefore an interesting project has been launched together with the district heating plant to see if excess heat can be used for heating the local houses in Møldrup. If we succeed, the environment will be spared a considerable amount of CO2.