Scanflavour is expanding again with a new state-of-the-art factory on the outskirts of Møldrup…

The first sod was cut on 7th October 2014 on the plot right behind present factory. In connection with the new factory, Scanflavour is building new office, pilot plant and laboratory as well as the existing warehouse will be enlarged with a total of 2500 square meters. The new factory is expected ready end of 2015 and will create approx. 30 new jobs as well as it will create better working conditions for a big part of the employees and for the large number of trucks to and from Scanflavour each day.

Scanflavour has experienced great success over the past decade and is now represented in most part of the world where semi and high-functional pork proteins are used and the world market is constantly seeking more ingredients and for innovative products that add value to meat products. To meet this increasing demand Scanflavour is implementing this huge expansion, which of course will have a very positive effect on the current production capacity.

Have you never been to Scanflavour before, please look out for the highest smokestack in town and you will find Scanflavour in transformation.

Facts about expansion:
Total number of square meters under roof: 13.100 sqm.
New administration building: 900 sqm.
New factory: 9.700 sqm.
Expansion of existing warehouse: 2500 sqm.
Height of the new factory: 12 meters
Height of the smokestack: 80 meters.