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Food Lab

Visit our Food Lab and see how we work

Pâté (with emulsifier)

Scanflavour has developed a new method for producing pâté. Here with the use of an emulsifier.

Pâté (with bowl chopper)

Scanflavour has developed a new method for producing pâté. Here with the use of a bowl chopper.

Cost Reduction with ScanPork

Want to reduce your costs? Try using our ScanPork as a meat replacer

Tour around Scanflavour

Take a tour around Scanflavour - from a birds perspective.

How to make the perfect brine

Learn how you can easily make a perfect brine

Granules in salami

See how you can replace up to 45% of the meat in a salami.

Collagen as a stabiliser

Use collagen as a stabiliser and experience great results.

Restructured Bacon

Scanflavour has developed a new recipe for restructured bacon. In this video we show you how it is done...

Collagen Architecture

We are proud to present our first short educational film, which gives a short introduction to Collagen Architecture.

Fresh Injection

Everybody wants to eat juicy, tender and freshly produced products. With our new product line, Scanflavour is revolutionising the ingredients market. Learn more about it


Scanflavour has made it easy for you to make granules from our highly functional product ScanGel.

ScanPork D in Salami

Scanflavours products offer you an excellent ingredient for salami and dry fermented products. Learn more about it here

Soya Substitution

Get the ideal soya substitution with Scanflavour.

Skin Emulsions

Scanflavour has developed a method that allows you to produce skin emulsions at a lower price, while avoiding the major drawbacks associated with the use of skin emulsions.

Scanflavour Presentation film

Presentation of Scanflavour