ScanCure CI

Fresh Injected products

What is ScanCure CI?

The ScanCure CI series is a new line of products from Scanflavour with more cold functionality properties than ever. ScanCure CI comprises a range of highly functional, native, high mole weight collagens derived from the insoluble fraction of defatted pork skin. ScanCure CI is a natural choice for fresh meat applications in general. 

The excellent choice for fresh meat

The ScanCure CI has an extremely high water binding capacity, making ScanCure CI an excellent choice for increasing the cold setting properties in the final fresh products. It is very beneficial for injected marinated meat products with higher viscosity in the brine and for products that require cold-water binding.

ScanCure CI pork proteins have a very small particle size, are very easy to disperse in water and will not lump as long as the temperature in the brine is below 5°C.

All ScanCure CI products can be combined with other functional ingredients.

Optimizing cost in use

Due to the clear textural synergy and the complementary effect of colloidal collagen on globular proteins or hydrocolloids, compositor blending with ScanCure CI can be very advantageous for cost in use optimization.

Viscous elastic behaviour

ScanCure CI reacts spontaneously with water making what we call water management from 5ºC and will form a gel from 20 ºC, still demonstrating thermo reversible, viscous elastic behavior, and then starts reacting in the meat products. 

Neutral flavour

ScanCure CI is produced using thermal and mechanical processes, ensuring a microbiologically stable product with a neutral flavour.


Particle size: Various particle sizes (ask for data sheet)

Flavour: Neutral to meaty

Colour: White to Light cream (natural protein)