ScanPork D

Emulsified and ground products

What is ScanPork D?

The ScanPork D series comprises a range of low functional, native collagens made from inside tissue, making them a natural choice for meat applications in general. The ScanPork D products have the added advantage that their analytical values are similar to meat.

The excellent choice

The whole product range has both an extremely high water binding capacity and a low water binding capacity, making ScanPork D an excellent choice for fresh ground meat, low extension products, meat replacement, frankfurters, breakfast sausages, pâté, spreads and, most importantly, salami and pepperoni. ScanPork D can also be added as a protein booster or protein filler.

Furthermore, ScanPork D pork proteins can be used hydrated with great benefit in dried and semi-dried products.

Optimizing cost in use

Due to the clear textural synergy and the complementary effect of colloidal collagen on globular proteins or hydrocolloids, compositor blending with ScanPork D can be very advantageous for cost in use optimization.

A wide range of functionalities

The ScanPork D series has a wide range of functionalities and, most importantly, they are all heat-tolerant proteins that provide a good firm bite in hot conditions. ScanPork D products have a water binding capacity from 1:6 to 1:3 in cold water.


ScanPork D is produced using thermal and mechanical processes, ensuring a microbiologically stable product with a neutral to meaty pork flavour.


Particle size: Various particle sizes (ask for data sheet)

Flavour: Neutral to meaty

Colour: Light cream (natural protein